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Ante Nuptial Contracts / Divorce /

Parental Rights & Responsibilities / 

Maintenance ​/ Wills / ​​Variation of Divorce Orders / Joint Ownership Agreements ​/ 

Notarial Services



I am a specialist family law attorney primarily focused on matters of divorce and parental rights & responsibilities, as well as post divorce issues such as maintenance and variations of existing orders. As an admitted notary public I also draft and execute ante nuptial contracts and provide additional notarial services such as the authentication of documents for use outside of South Africa and the drafting and execution of notarial contracts of permanent relationship, as required by the Department of Home Affairs for certain visa applications. I also draft wills, joint ownership agreements, trust deeds etc.

I studied at the University of Cape Town and completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in psychology and philosophy) in 2003 before going on to complete a postgraduate Bachelor of Law in 2007. After completing my articles, I was admitted as an attorney in 2010 and a notary public in 2013. I completed a postgraduate diploma in financial planning at the Milpark Business School in 2017 and, more recently, completed FAMAC  Divorce Mediation training in 2020.

I completed my articles at Veronica Douglas Inc., a well known boutique law firm specialising in divorce and family law, and was employed there as an associate until I established my own firm in July 2020. 

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